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  • polyol ester msds Polyol Ester and Additives. Ester Oil Product Numbers. Specifically designed to meet stringent operating demands and OEM specifications in a wide variety of General Industrial and modern Power Generation applications, where the risk of fire is high: • Over 40 years of production and supply from our dedicated Phosphate Ester facility Jul 22, 2015 · Material safety data sheet Methyl Ester of Fatty Acid Section 1 . polyol ester oil solest 35 thermo-king no. Can be used in conjunction with EMU-208 to give outstanding results. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET MEI  and 6 June 2021 Bitzer BSE 32 /. According to Regulation (EC) No. HFD fluids are usually based on synthetic base stocks or esters that combine reasonable to good fire-resistant properties with excellent lubrication Polyol ester lubricants meet these needs, and the EMKARATE RL line is the preferred choice. 45 oz MSDS NO. Download Safety Data Sheet HATCOL® 2372. It is recommended by experts as a replacement for hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). 68441-94 -1. product identification copeland 3maw lubricant (32 cst) new 08/25/98 supplier: 24-hour emergency: copeland corp. 19 Sep 2011 MSDS RB-5-UV SERIES. SDS_GB - HUILE ESTER 160SZ/160Z (BULK)5402030P01B 2/11 4. In applications where the polyurethane foam will come into contact with a liquid-based solution, the polyurethane foam should be manufactured with polyether-based polyols. EMEROX Polyols offer significant benefits in a broad range of ester flexible foam and ether flexible foam applications including home furnishing and comfort grades, molded foams and ester / technical grade foams. MEKP) for hardening. E70-311. 02 Reaction product of polyol with Material Safety Data Sheet Polyol Ester Oil PERCENTAGE BY WEIGHT: >98 CAS NUMBER: 131459-39-7 EINECS: No Data ANNEX I INDEX#: No Data SUBSTACE NAME IN ANNEX I: No Data LABELING SYMBOLS: No Data RISK R-PHRASES: R36, R37, R38 SAFETY Metal working : Lubricants, viscosity modifier Intermediate: Polyol esters Key Points. It is a chemical resistant lining for most dilute inorganic acids and come concentrated acids such as hydrochloric and phosphoric. The DBE® esters fractions are used in a wide range of specialty applications. This product provides effective wear protection for steel and aluminum surfaces for increased system life and improved efficiency and is suitable for both initial Fatty Acids. · Additional information: For the  Results 51 - 100 of 121 Polyol Ester was developed for use as a nonionic thermoplastic resin Material Safety Data Sheet: Polyurethane - Flexible Foam 1. Tel No: (314) 469-7000, (800) 554-5499 Address: 2008 Altom Court, St. Polyol esters will absorb up to 0. This reaction accelerates with increasing temperatures and is catalyzed by the 1 Gallon Polyol Ester Oil 150/32 998-E022-01 1 Gallon Polyol Ester Oil 150/32. NATIONAL POLYOL ESTER OIL PE32. Polyol Ester Additives >99 <1 N/A N/A N/A N/A Ingredients not precisely identified are proprietary or nonhazardous. Also miscible with CFC and HCFC refrigerants as well. Vinyl Ester MSDS Back to MSDS | Back to Vinyl Ester See also under Resin MSDS. <98. : VAM, Acetic acid vinyl ester, acetic acid-ethenyl ester CHEMICAL CLASSIFICATION : Unsaturated ester CHEMICAL FORMULA : C 4 H 6 O 2 C. Revisjonsdato. 0 460 Jun 26, 2020 · Die Casting: 91% Wear Reduction by using Polyol Ester HFD-U Fields. NL POEs use […] Material Safety Data Sheet Page 6 of 6 Issue date: August 2008 ECOFOAM GP330 POLYOL Disclaimer This MSDS summarises our best knowledge of the health and safety hazard information available on the product and the measures to be used to handle and use the product sa fely. Polyol Ester. 8-10 Alkylbenzene System – pgs. 1 of 9. View Details MSDS 1660 - Demulsifier Base/Paraffin Dispersant 1660 is a concentrated blend of a neutralized sulfonate and a polyol, chosen to specifically work well in this formula. Pump test results (see Tables 1, 2 and 3) show CITGO Glycol FR-5046HP low pump wear rates to be essentially equivalent or significantly better than phosphate esters and polyol esters. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Trade Name: SANDEN SP-10 8. Use proper bonding and grounding techniques when transferring liquid. 950 < 0. The key characteristics of Cardura E10P glycidyl ester are: The Pluracol ® polyol portfolio offers a diverse range of polyether polyols including conventional and graft polyols with the following typical values. III. 1 PRODUCT IDENTIFIER. TP-3875 Polyol Ester Oil See Below See Below 50-70 Amine –OH Polyol Ester: Inhalation is unlikely due to low vapor pressure. Polyol ester. A molecule with more than two hydroxyl groups is a polyol, with three – a triol, and with four – a tetrol. 7 440 Clearbreak DI-945 Amine Oxyalkylate 99 16. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Page 2 Supersedes: 05/04/12 . NL POE can be charged into R-22 systems, running on R-22, in preparation for an HFC retrofit. Recommended for use with all HFC refrigerants and blends; it is also compatible with R-22. Date Revised: 08/07 Page 4 of 4 LOXIOL® VPN 960 by Emery Oleochemicals is a phthalate-free, polyol ester derived from renewable resources. Working in close collaboration with compressor and system manufacturers, these OEM-approved POE lubricants cover a wide viscosity range from 7 cSt (35-40 SUS) to 220 cSt (1100 SUS) to suit most applications. Sep 09, 2011 · trade name: supercool ester oil chemical name: synthetic hydrocarbon polyol ester mixture chemical family: synthetic hydrocarbon polyol ester mixture formula: proprietary cas#: proprietary applications: supercool ester oil is used as a fluid in hfc and other refrigeration systems. 2 % moisture or 2,000 PPM while mineral oils absorb up to 200 PPM. 0 < 5 90 Synative® ES 2920 TMP ester of fatty acids 17. CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Polyol ester --- >99 No PEL established No TLV May 07, 2015 · Polyol Esters - - 98. SAFETY DATA SHEET. Brand: Copeland Refrigeration Parts Mfg #: 998-E022-00. 11-13 Material Safety Data Sheet Date Revised: Feb, 2008 Page 1 of 6 1. 11 11 Toxicological information · Information on toxicological effects · Acute toxicity: · LD/LC50 values that are relevant for classification: Polyol Ester Oil Oral LD50 >5 g/Kg (rat) Dermal LD50 >10 g/Kg (rabbit) · Primary irritant effect: · on the skin: May cause mild skin irritation. To ensure that BVA has the right polyol ester for your application, the BVA RPOE Series comes in a wide range of viscosities ranging from ISO 22 (RPOE 22) to an ISO 370 (RPOE 220). Solest® is also an excellent option for use in many systems using HFCF and HFO refrigerants under certain operating conditions. Jul 25, 2015 · MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Polyester Polyol 1 Chemical Product & Company Identification MSDS Name: Polyester Polyol Chemical class: Polyol Synonyms: Company Identification: (INDIA) Veritas House, 70 Mint Road, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET SECTION 1 CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY INFORMATION Product Name: Totaline® SW 68 Refrigeration Lubricant Product Number(s): P903-1001, P903-1005, P903-1025, P903-1001S, P903-1025S Product Use: Polyol Ester Compressor Lubricant Company Name: North American Research Corporation P. Saturated polyol ester. Product Use: Spray Foam Insulation Feb 13, 2016 · Polyol Ester Oil See Below See Below 40-60 Mineral Oil See Below See Below 10-20 Fluorescent Dye A See Below See Below 10-20 Petroleum Hydrocarbon See Below See Below 5-20 Fluorescent Dye B See Below See Below 0-10 Polyol Ester Oil: The specific identity and composition has been withheld as a trade secret, NJTSRN 80100312-5003 TMP has three hydroxyl groups. : Respiratory protection : Not required in adequately ventilated areas. 1200 N/A If discarded in its purchased form this product would not be a hazardous waste either by listing or characteristic. Manufacturer's Address 700 Grand Island Blvd. BITZER BSE170 lubricant oil Safety Data Sheet Download MSDS - CHIP,. • Excellent low  6808-6 | Ester 100. Polyol Ester oils for use with. 5 −31 210 −53 31 high 78 Synative® ES 875 Caprylic / capric triglyceride ester 13. Mar 29, 2004 · MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET SECTION 1 CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY INFORMATION Product Name: Carrier® Synthetic Centrifugal Oil SW68(A) Product Number(s): PP 23BZ 103001, PP 23BZ 103005, PP 23BZ 103055 Product Use: Polyol Ester Compressor Lubricant Company Name: North American Research Corporation P. 4 440 Clearbreak DI-936 Polyol/Acrylic Blend 64 8. PE170. Toxicological Information Information on The toxicological effects of this product have not been thoroughly studied. All ingredients are TSCA listed. Jan 11, 2017 · Polyol esters also contain some degree of unsaturation, which reduces their thermal and oxidative stability. 149, EMME(エトキシメチレンマロン酸ジメチルエステル), 液状, 4, 第3石油類, 非水溶性, 139, 40510256, 比重;1. Series MILES SXR COMP OIL PLUS - Polyol Ester Based Compressor Lubricant Synthetic Ester Material Safety Data Sheet: according to 1907/2006 EC, Article 31: Polyester and Acrylic Polyol Cardura glycidyl ester quick facts Cardura E10P glycidyl ester is a versatile building block, with a unique hydrophobic bulky structure and is used in the production of a broad range of high-quality polymers such as acrylic and polyester polyols. This hydrophilic oil is preferably suited as a lipid layer enhancer in surfactant cleansing preparations. SECTION 1 CHEMICAL PRODUCT Product Use: Polyol Ester Compressor Lubricant. Their bromine content makes them tougher and more fatigue resistant than standard epoxy vinyl ester resins. Esterex NP451 is recommended for use in 2-stroke engine oils, hydraulic oils, compressor oils, and greases. 5 82 The major ingredient in polyol resin blends is a polyol or a mixture of several polyols. Designed to replace anti-wear, mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids used in applications where fire hazards exist Used in environmentally sensitive hydraulic applications without compromising the overall hydraulic system operations Factory Mutual Approved as a less hazardous fluid ISO VG 46 synthetic polyol ester fire resistant hydraulic fluid *This product was previously branded QUINTOLUBRIC N A polyol is an organic compound containing multiple hydroxyl groups. Effective: 7/1/15. You are here: Home Products All products Esters Polyol A&A Fratelli Parodi Spa - Office and warehouse : Via Valverde 96/98r 16014 Campomorone (Genova) Italy Tel: +39 010 792 151 - Fax: +39 010 790 555 - email Compressor Oil, 1Gal Polyol Ester Oil Ultra 32-3Maf Copeland. 67/548/EEC. ABOUT US. Suniso SL 32, Synthetic Polyol Ester Lubricant. PDF (PDF: ---KB). O. Polyol Ester Non-hazardous Polyether Glycol Non-hazardous Arctic Silver Incorporated MSDS # AA_3 Page 2 of 2 Stability: This product is stable. butyl-p-cresol (BHT) and all polymer polyols have low styrene emissions. The unique feature of the structure of polyol ester molecules is the fact that there are no hydrogens on the beta-carbon. Both diols are crystalline above room temperature. See below table for Phillips 66 and Shell's Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets. Polyol esters having unconverted hydroxyl groups from the reaction product of a polyol with a branched and/or linear acid exhibit enhanced thermo-oxidative stability, lower friction coefficient, reduced sediment formation, and lower wear compared with conventional fully esterified synthetic esters. Naphthalimide Dye See Below See Below 40-60 . 203513/2030513 for thermo king type unit: ai2 m2 amd-m1 amd-m2 amd-m2 met tk3'9'5 engine ap-ii w 1012 ap-ii x 1012 art1-1000 art1-1004 art13-m2 art2-1000 art2-1004 art-iii m1 art-iii m3 art-iii m4 asr-140 asr-160 at10-htp© at10-m1 at10-m10 at10-m11 at10-m12 at10-m13 at10-m14 at10-m15 at10-m16 at10-m17 at10-m1a at10-m2 at10-m3 at10-m3a at10-m3b at10 Eternal Materials Co. 8 440 Clearbreak DI-938 Polyol/Acrylic Copolymer 50 7. Wear suitable protective equipment during handling. Not available. Company Name: North American  1 May 2009 To deal adequately with the safe handling of this material, all the information contained in this. Revision Indicators This MSDS has no revisions since 12 September 2011 Contact Point Lubrizol Australia, Robert Holmes (Laboratory Services Supervisor), Phone No. >99 Emergency Overview: Color Colorless / Form Liquid / Odor Ester-like odor. Components/Ingredients. While some polyols may be slightly irritating to the eyes and A two-cycle engine lubricant comprising from about 10% to about 30% low ash detergent inhibitor; from about 10% to about 45% bio-based ester selected from the group consisting of castor oil, a synthetic polyol-based ester and mixtures thereof; from about 14% to about 37% polyalphaolefin; from about 7% to about 18% synthetic ester; from 2% to about 10% surfactant; and from about 2% to about 5% residues of 2,4-d isooctyl ester in urine were treated with potassium hydroxide, purified with reverse-phase liquid chromatography, and converted to the methyl ester. Also suitable for hydrocarbon refrigerants. Derakane 510N resin is brominated epoxy novolac vinyl ester Polymer Esters and sulfur/phosphorus additives without losing EP-performance. Material Safety Data Sheet NOCO METHYL ESTER 1. hemically and thermally stable, osmolubric HF-122 was designed for long life and dependable performance in areas where a less flammable hydraulic fluid should be used. FIRST AID MEASURES SKIN: If irritation develops, wash affected area with soap and water. Address: 3574 Corona Street, Lake Worth, Florida 33461 Phone/Fax: 561-582-2245 / 561-582-1499 PMC Biogenix specialty esters, offered under the Kemester ® brand name, are used in a wide variety of applications from personal care to lubricant additives. June 14th, 2019 - Lubricating Oils for Refrigeration Compressors Bitzer recips All Castrol SW32 Polyolester 32 Bitzer BSE32 Polyolester 32 DWM Copeland All  30 Apr 2015 SAFETY DATA SHEET. 1. 5322 ppm, 4 Hours estimated 56. They meet the requirements for Factory Mutual Product Safety Data Sheet hydraulic-aw-32-r1 View SDS · hydraulic-aw-46-r1  1. com offers 325 ester msds products. CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Name: Ester Oil (ISO 100) with ICE 32 for R-134a A/C Systems, 8 oz Product Code: PY-7 MSDS Date: 11-19-2010 SECTION 2: COMPOSITION AND INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS No. Clearbreak DI-930 Polyol/Acrylic Copolymer 54 5. Solest ® is a lubricant formulated with polyol ester (POE) synthetic designed for commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning compressors. It is concentrated and should be used as a base to formulate finished products. It was prepared by a committee with user input from numerous labour representatives, government officials, professional associations, industry associations and academic groups. 工業樹脂原料, セロキサイド 2021P[CEL2021P]. S. Revision No: 3. , Ltd. 01. Kemester ®. 2 RECOMMENDED USE OF CHEMICAL AND RESTRICTIONS ON USE . 32. Esterex™ Polyol Esters have excellent lower-temperature properties, good lubricating properties and low volatilities. COPELAND ULTRA 32 3MAF POE OIL. ポリカルボン酸. 4. Product Code: F1850W, F1850W-55, F1850W-275 . understand the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and to abide by all use and CalEster F is a higher viscosity polyol ester made from dipentaerythritol and  6 Mar 2013 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET. Eye contact: Any material that contacts the eye should be washed out immediately with water. HMIS CODES: Pentaerythritol ester of heptanoic. 01 Date: 11/08 _____ 08 - EXPOSURE CONTROLS/PERSONAL PROTECTION Component exposure limit OSHA ACGIH Carcinogenic Component Units TWA STEL TLV STEL Ester (Polyol Ester) mg/m3 N. P. 21 Amber Street Unit  Castrol Anvol SWX FM are HFDU Polyol ester type hydraulic fluids as defined by ISO 6734/4 and ISO 12922 (1). Equipment Part List Synthetic esters including monoesters, diesters, glycol esters, neopolyol esters and complex esters developed both for use as primary base fluid or as part of a multi-component high performance lubricant formulation for industrial and automotive applications. SBHPP sells those resins worldwide under SUMILITERESIN®, DUREZ®, DUREZ®TER, FERS® and VARCUM® brandnames. SDS nr. Polyester polyols are often organic dicarboxylic acid (anhydride or ester) and polyol (PDS) condensation (or transesterification) or by the lactone and polyol polymerization. Keep away from heat, sparks, and open flames. None of the ingredients are subject to the reporting requirements of SARA, Section 313. The key characteristics of Cardura E10P glycidyl ester are: ISO68 Polyol Ester Sold as a 1-Gallon Replaces / Supersedes: OIL0048 OIL-0048 OIL00048 OIL0155 OIL00155 OIL-0155 OIL155 ISO68 ISO 68 Refrigerant Lubricants and Similar Oil Products In our family of polyol ester, you find high purity dipentaerythritol, pentaerythritol and trimethylolpropane esters for use in applications where thermal stability, high viscosity index and lubricity are essential. Page 1 of 4. Quaker Houghton’s QUINTOLUBRIC® polyol ester HFD-U fluids are fire-resistant hydraulic fluids that do not contain water. Synonym: Drakeol (R) 7; White Mineral Oil; Mineral Oil, Polyol Ester (POE) Replacement for R22 (not for retrofit) R438A: HFC: DX water chillers, and most R22 DX low and medium refrigeration, and airconditioning systems: Mineral, Alkyl Benzene or Polyol Ester: Retrofit for R22: R507: HFC: Low and Medium Temperature Refrigeration : Polyol Ester (POE) Replacement for R502 and R408A Trade Name: F1850W – GacoOnePass - WINTER - POLYOL COMPONENT B February 22, 2017 Page 1 of 11. After requisite time, it is cooled to R. aspx. Polyol Ester oils for use with HFCs BITZER BSE170 lubricant oil Safety Data Sheet Download MSDS - CHIP, 67/548/EEC BITZER BSE170 lubricant oil SDS Download - ISDSS™ - The Description AZ30167 is a polyol ester (POE) lubricant that Bitzer BSE Oil - BSE 170 Bitzer Oil Wholesale Trader from Page 7/10. POLYOL ESTER LONG-LIFE COMPRESSOR LUBRICANTS Applications: The Chemlube 900 series fluids are full synthetics and have been formulated from premium polyol ester (POE) base stocks to achieve long life for compressor applications. TMP is used in saturated polyesters for coil coatings, alkyds for paints, polyurethanes for coatings and elastomers, acrylic acid esters for radiation curing, esters for synthetic lubricants, rosin esters and for surface treatment of pigments. Released July 2013 ©2020 Refrigeration Supplies Distributor, Inc. 1 Product identifier Product name: HUILE ESTER 175PZ (BULK) 5402042P01B Polyolester-Solest, Polyol ester oil, Solest 15, 5 Gal. Grade: 1973. SECTION Polyol ester. and the amount of residual carboxyl group present in the sample is titrated. View Data-Sheet: DIL 5255: AIR CONDITIONING PARTS: Fresh Air Cake Controls Refrigeration Oil of Polyol Ester Type for HFC Ze-GLES RB is a refrigeration oil applicable for various kinds of freezing and air conditioning in-struments using HFCs. Carrier Poe 68 Oil Msds 173. KB-3408 | Modified Polyol Recommended as very effective in oil drying applications, this product when combined with a phenolic resin demulsifying agent produces high quality water. Salts of PVM/MA Copolymer (Calcium/Sodium PVM/MA Copolymer), esters of PVM/MA Copolymer (Butyl Ester of PVM/MA Copolymer, Ethyl Ester of PVM/MA Copolymer, Isopropyl Ester of PVM/MA Copolymer) and salts of the esters of PVM/MA Copolymer (Potassium Butyl Ester of PVM/MA Copolymer, Potassium Ethyl Ester of Wilmar TMPTO is a biodegradable and hydrolytically stable polyol ester suitable for use in a wide range of applications. g. MSDS must be considered. Click for quote or samples of polyester polyol resins. Viscosity ranges allow various application use including reciprocating, centrifugal, rotary, screw and scroll compressors. Acid Test Kit for Polyol Ester Oil. Compilation date: 26/06/2017. Safety Data Sheet 1 - English . ) Part #: 1213459. 951 0. HAZARD IDENTIFICATION & HEALTH HAZARD Highly flammable liquid and vapour The ANSI "Standard for Hazardous Industrial Chemicals - Material Safety Data Sheets - Preparation" (ANSI Z400. Polyolester-SolestRefrigeration Oils Polyolester-Solest - Refrigeration Oils - Refrigerants and Chemicals It appears that your browser has JavaScript disabled. Polyol ester oils for various refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment that use HFC refrigerants. Do not use direct water stream. The TruVis® Ester product range includes adipate, trimellitate, and polyol esters for use as base stocks and additives for the automotive, industrial, metalworking fluid, and grease market segments in the lubricant industry. 24 Feb 2012 No hazardous ingredient. GHS format. 07 ug/ml of urine. ) Part Esterex™ Polyol Esters are API category Group V fluids. Please visit the BVA Oils website for full product line specifications. , Suite 607, Toronto, ON Canada M5S 3A7 Our range of oleochemical esters can be used as solvents in applications such as inks and coatings, degreasing, grafitti removal, cleaning and personal care products. At eleated temper atures,may At eleated temper atures,may cause respiratory tract irritation with symptoms of coughing, sore throat and runny nose. EMU-206 Good oil treater on medium gravity crudes. - CHIP, 67/ 548/EEC. msds. Our range of polyol esters are readily formulated into a wide range of lubricating applications, including metal working and hydraulic fluids. . (61) (02) 9741 5200 As the conditions or methods of use are beyond our control, we do not assume any responsibility and expressly disclaim any liability for any use of this product. Click here to open pdf  lube composed of a mixture of highly refined USP mineral oil and additives. 154, EXXON MEK(   Schwarz USA (Lexolube group)) | Lubricant & Metalworking Fluids formulations, data sheets, MSDS search, specifications and request Zschimmer & Schwarz supplies high performance synthetic ester ingredients for the lubrication industry. to ISO/DIS 11014 Printing date 09/08/2003 Reviewed on 07/07/2003 Trade name: SP-30 (Contd. line of polyol ester lubricants developed in the United States specifically to serve compressors operating with environmentally safe HFC refrigerants. Overview Acrylic polyols represent a special group of amorphous polyols, of molecular weight (MW) of 8000-13000 daltons, obtained by radical copolymerisation of acrylic monomers (ternary or quaternary copolymers), such as acrylic or methacrylic acids and esters. Description CAS Reg. Feb 01, 2020 · Definition. Oct 10, 2011 · The term “polyol esters” is short for neopentyl polyol esters which are made by reacting monobasic acids with polyhedric alcohols having a neopentyl structure. Brand: Priolube. Product Name Synthetic Polyol. 5. Name Synthetic Polyol Ester Oil Product Numbers. MSDS Sheets; PT Chart; Saturated Complex / Polyol Esters Synative® ES 2917 NPG ester of fatty acids 8. ISO Grade 100 Polyol Ester Base Oil (5 gal. 6 : feed grade glycerin . Esterex™ Polyol Esters can be used as sole basestocks or blendstocks with other synthetic fluids in many automotive and industrial lubricant applications. Polyols typically make up about 90% by weight of a polyol resin blend. Polyol ester synthetic lubricant (not hazardous) proprietary. COMPOSITION Trade name: OIL-ESTER 100 (Contd. Polyol Ester refrigeration lubricants are made of synthetic oil for long lasting durability. Burning liquids may be PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: EVEREST 46 is a formulated ISO 46 grade synthetic polyol ester refrigeration lubricant compatible with HFC refrigerants, including R-134a, R-404A, R-407C and R-410A. Product Name:Saturated polyol ester. EMU-205 A blend of epoxides, polyols and resins which yields good water drop and resolves tight emulsions. 1-5 - Propylidynetrimethanol, ethoxylated, esters with acrylic acid Propylidynetrimethanol, ethoxylated, esters with significantly better than phosphate esters and polyol esters. of page 4) 43. 1 Dec 2020 Polyol Ester oils for use with HFCs. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET _____ Product: HARP ® POE Series Page: 3/4 Revision: 1. Figures 1-3 (see reverse) document the effect of various Similar to our KB-3341 product, this complex polyol ester displays excellent water dropping, desalting properties, and overall demulsification properties as well. ZE-GLES RB 68. 0. BVA RPOE SERIES MSDS Page 3 of 5 SECTION VIII : COMPONENT EXPOSURE LIMITS & PERSONAL PROTECTION COMPONENT EXPOSURE LIMIT OSHA ACGIH CARCINOGENIC COMPONENT UNITS TWA STEL TLV STEL Ester (Polyol Ester) mg/m3 N. 1/14. View Similar Items. They are compatible with HFC refrigerants which make them suitable for many applications. Name. D. Established in the year 1989, Polyols & Polymers Pvt. Revision MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET. N. CA-074 methyl ester SAFETY DATA SHEET Decomposition or Byproducts: 11. Thermo King Compressor Oil - Solest Chemical Family: Polyol Ester (proprietary formula) . esides having good thermal stability, osmolubric HF-122 exhibits a good temperature/viscosity relationship or Viscosity Index. ACROCAST VINYL ESTER RESIN (All Colors) (CAS Mixture) LC50 Mouse Inhalation Acute 11555. Product Name: GacoOnePass - WINTER - POLYOL COMPONENT B . Chemical product and company identification Msds name: Methyl Ester of Fatty Acid Synonyms: Fame, Methyl Ester of Fatty Acid Company Identification: (INDIA) Veritas House, 70 Mint Road, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001. 1 12 Cardura E10P glycidyl ester is a versatile epoxy-ester building block, with a unique hydrophobic bulky structure and is used in the production of a broad range of high-quality polymers such as acrylic and polyester polyols. Polyethylene glycols and polyol esters offer diverse properties for the formulation of a wide range of consumer care and industrial systems. polyol esters for lublicating oil complex™ester . ComStar International Inc. As polyol ester oils strongly tend to absorb water (hygroscopic behavior), the contact of these lubricants with air (atmospheric Esterex NP451 is a Group V synthetic polyol ester base oil based on pentaerithrytol. 1 extinguishing media: 'totaline® p903 1025 polyol ester refrigeration lube poe may 2nd, 2018 - totaline® p903 1025 polyol ester refrigeration lube poe poe68 1 quart replaces rl32hb rl32hp sw 68''product name synthetic polyol ester oil product numbers april 30th, 2018 - page 1 of 4 material safety data sheet complies with osha hazard 1,4-Benzenedicarboxylic Acid, Dimethyl Ester, manuf. 0/Kilogram ISO Specifications High Quality Glycine methyl ester hydrochloride 5680-79-5 1 Brand:Brightol 2 Function:Bodybuilding 3 Quality :High Appearance:White crystalline powder Storage:dry environment Package:25kg/drum 25kg/carton Applicatio Esters, Carbonates. 15 November 2013. Section 1: Identification of the  MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Ester (Polyol Ester) This information contained within this safety data sheet applies only to the Harp International Limited  SAFETY DATA SHEET. Many polyester polyols are made from adipic acid and ethylene glycols (polyethylene adipate), or from butanediols and adipic acid (polybutylene adipate). · Manufacturer/Supplier: AXSON FRANCE Description: Formulated polyol. May spread fire. 150, EPB-1(エポキシ 153, EXCENOL3030(ポリエーテル ポリオール), 液状, 4, 第4石油類, 228, 40600171, 比重;1. SKU: 998-E022-01. Polyol Ester is permitted by the FDA for food contact applications. Linked documents ( 0 ) Polyester Polyol Resins are widely used in the manufacture of polyurethane sealants. Page: 1. 7 Aug 2014 Isocyanic acid, polymethylenepolyphenylene ester. SECTION 2: HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION. It is formulated using an innovative Polyol Ester technology (POE) to provide Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) @ http://www. 1) or approved equivalent. • Long pump life at high pressures and excellent fire safety at lower cost than synthetic fluids. 二官能脂環式エポキシ. Toxicological Effects: IARC ACGIH OSHA 147859-80-1 CA-074 methyl ester n. General Product Information. 916 0. The dispersions are stable under standard storage conditions. A premium performance, synthetic polyol ester based turbine lubricant for use in aeroderivative gas turbines in stationary and marine service. 31 Mar 2014 Full page photo Lubritec. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. Request Sample · Lexolube® 2I-214, Zschimmer & Schwarz USA (Lexolube group), Lexolube® 2I-214 is a polyol ester that provides lubricity, detergency, and  Avdelingen for produktsikkerhet og samsvar (Product Safety and Compliance Department) (440-943-1200). Learn more how it all comes together and how POE can contribute to a more sustainable  26 Oct 2015 SDS# POE-32, POE-68, POE-100 Product Name: Pro-LubeTM Polyolester. Product Code: 998E02211 | Manufacturer Code: 998E02211 Unit: Unit: Status: Regular stock item copeland corporation material safety data bulletin i. Solest 170. We believe the information in this document to be reliable and up to date as of the date of publication, but makes no guarantee that it is. Revision Number : 02. MSDS · Plus. Available Downloads MSDS. Current Issue Date: May CHEMICAL NAME/FAMILY: POLYOL ESTER. Assessments - COSHH Assessments. No PERSONAL PROTECTION MEASURES Effective Date: 3/21/06 Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS No: 6139 1. >> Clean burning clean, evaporation and low Terpene-Phenolic, Terpene-Ester, Polyester-Polyol, Furan resins and Friction-Dust powder complete SBHPP portfolio range. , Inc. If june 19th, 2018 - polyol ester poe 32 150 sus refrigeration oil poe 68 300 sus refrigeration oil sds msds files' 'REFRIGERATION OILS ULTRACHEM INC JUNE 22ND, 2018 - ULTRACHEM R POE 68 68 64 9 8 3 LONG OIL LIFE AND REDUCED DRAIN THE ULTRA ICE SERIES ARE SYNTHETIC Material Safety Data Sheets detailing products within the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry. ​HATCOL® 2372 is a pure polyol ester base stock has high temperature stability with coking tendencies. Safety Data Sheet Download MSDS. Vegetable oil based polyester polyol Polyol : Flexible, hydrophobic and liquid polyols Radia 7662 Product Name Notes; Polyurethane Polyols -- VORANOL™ 3010 • A glycerine-initiated, nominal 3000 molecular weight heteropolymer triol. Skin Contact: Wash with soap and water. Nov 11, 2019 · LOXIOL® P 728 by Emery Oleochemicals is polyol partial ester. Eye Contact Jul 05, 2002 · polyol ester 08306620-5803p >99 not listed personal protection see msds section 8 the information herein is given in good faith but no warranty, expressed or Polyol Ester Additives >99 <1 N/A N/A N/A N/A Ingredients not precisely identified are proprietary or nonhazardous. SECTION . NO. polyol ester (POE) oils are generally compatible with all three seal materials. Log in to order items. 9 UV Dye Solution - - 0. Polyol esters are generally 10 times more hygroscopic than mineral oil and alkylbenzene. Special Features. Products - Task Risk. INDIA are brominated epoxy vinyl ester resins that offer a high degree of fire retardance1. 30 - 60 Regulations and the MSDS contains all the information required by the Controlled Products Regulations. It is among the tasks of the polluter to assign the waste to waste codes specific to industrial sectors and processes according to European Waste Catalogue. 201 Carrier. No PERSONAL PROTECTION MEASURES EYE/ FACE Safety glasses/goggles (ANSI Z87. Material Safety Data Sheet. Product Name: TURFLON* Ester Ultra Herbicide Issue Date: 05/07/2010 Page 3 of 8 from venting safety device or discoloration of the container. CHARACTERISTICS  Results 1 - 15 of 15 The polyol esters from Calumet provide the ultimate in synthetic base stock Request SDS Request TDS · CALESTER™ N container · CALESTER™ N. : 80 - 100 % be hazardous. SARA 311/312 Polyol component for tooling systems. com Product Answer Line Material Safety Data Sheet acc. pdf Synthetic Polyol Ester Oil Part #: GPG156014041: Synthetic MSDS No. ヒマシ油脂肪酸グリセリンエステル. ラ. SAFETY DATA SHEET DiversiTech Corporation Chemical Emergency: P 800-255-3924 6650 Sugarloaf Parkway P 678. . MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET. SECTION 1 IDENTIFICATION CAS Registry No. Tel: 64 9 526 5700. 4 2. MSDS Forms. Polyoxyethylene polyol fatty acid esters - Identification, toxicity, use, water pollution potential, ecological toxicity and regulatory information Note : See Working with the Information on this Page section below for important notes about this data. These fluids offer very good fire resistant properties, excellent lubricity (even under high-pressure conditions), and good viscosity levels across a wide range of temperatures. We have pioneered the manufacturing of the world’s first vegetable oil based soap using Fatty Acids in 1918. HMIS Koder. When reacted with di-isocyanates they form polyurethanes, which are used in a number of product applications such as flexible and rigid foams, and in Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants & Elastomer (CASE) systems. 14 May 2017 Date of MSDS: 14 May 2012. 3 Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet. was established in 1964. United States. ester of a polyoxyethylated polyol Colour reaction To 5 ml of a 5% (w/v) aqueous solution of the sample add 10  5 Sep 2017 1. Personal Protective Equipment advice is contained in Section 8 of the SDS. See full list on mobil. 6 0. CAS No. Supplier  bitzer bse 170 oil msds pdf lachnes wordcamp org uk, polyol ester poe oil for low temp 68 300 sus, totaline ester oil sw220, polyolester 68 national refrigerants . Products - Task Risk Assessments - COSHH. Catalog Number: Safety Data Sheet (SDS) contains valuable information critical to the safe handling and proper use of this product. CETIOL® 767 finds application in formulating shampoos, baby care & cleansing products, liquid soaps, personal-care wipes, shower & bath products, conditioning and face cleansing products. Although polyols differ in molecular weight, and somewhat in chemical structure, all are very large alcohol-type molecules. Since it is composed of a highly efficient polyoil ester base oil originally developed by Nippon Oil, it has a high miscibility with HFCs and achieves excellent properties with Looking for thermoking polyol ester compressor oil msds ? Here you can find the latest products in different kinds of thermoking polyol ester compressor oil msds. Item Code: N0579/80/81 Polyol ester. Internation Scientific. Helse. NA NA cis-4,10,13,16-Docosatetraenoic Acid methyl ester 0. 03 < 0. KEY BENEFITS A Synthetic polyol ester (POE) lubricant formulated with a proprietary additive package. hydrocarbons and additives (800) 424-9300 use or description: product and msds information: compressor oil (937)-498-3011 ii. Manufacturing PU Foam The Polyurethane Foam Association (PFA. TRiiSO distributes a wide range of polyester polyol resins. Weight %. chemical names and synonyms: chemtrec: syn. EVEREST® 32 AW: EVEREST® 32 AW lubricant is a fully formulated ISO 32 grade synthetic polyol ester refrigeration lubricant containing extreme-pressure and anti-wear additives. No special warning  22 Oct 2018 At Perstorp AB, we pride ourselves of having the largest portfolio of polyols along with acids that are used as POE building blocks. Canada. Box 1318 Lewisville, TX 75067 SDS_GB - HUILE ESTER 175PZ (BULK) 5402042P01B 1/14 SAFETY DATA SHEET According to Regulation (EC) No. Toggle navigation. These products are greater than 90% biodegradable as measured by the CEC L33 biodegradability test. The use of Polyol Ester synthetic oil is the rule in R507 refrigeration systems. 0 Section 4 – First Aid Measures Inhalation Inhalation under normal exposure should not cause problems; however, if inhalation has resulted in symptoms, move patient to fresh air and consult a physician. Range of glycerol esters and specialty esters that function as boundary lubricants, mold-release agents, emulsifiers, anti-stats, anti-fogs, and emollients in automotive, plastics, household & industrial, and personal care markets The information in this material safety data sheet should be provided to all who use, handle, store, transport or are otherwise exposed to this product. ISO Grade 68 Polyol Ester Base Oil (55 gal. 1. マ. pdf; UVGPG156014041 MSDS (OIL). 13848230-6411011-618331-102103. A. Categories: MSDS-LUBRICANT. This product is a quick water dropper. Description. 344 Bloor Street W. Read Article View All SoyGold® Soy Methyl Esters Resources • Due to polyol ester lubricants’ tendency to absorb mois-ture, exposure to air should be minimized and containers and compressors should be sealed tightly immediately after use. 1 % NA NA No data available. A wide variety of ester msds options are available to you, such as main ingredient, age group, and usage. Avoid breathing vapour or mist. 1907/2006 (REACH) Article 31, Annex II as amended. To prolong the life of the lubricant in an open can, purge can with nitrogen before closing. PolyolesterRefrigeration Oils Polyolester - Refrigeration Oils - Refrigerants and Chemicals It appears that your browser has JavaScript disabled. $3,545. Typical usages include raw material for spin finishers and oiling agents, lubricants, lubricating oil, and as jet engine lubricants. We Provide 20 for you about thermoking polyol ester compressor oil msds- page 1 The highest grade of POE refrigeration oil is designed specifically for use with HFC refrigerants. DBE® esters can also be fractionated into six other products (DBE®-2 esters, DBE®-3 esters, DBE®-4 esters, DBE®-5 esters, DBE®-6 esters, and DBE®-9 esters) which contain different ratios of the succinate, glutarate, and adipate esters. 1 < 1. Assessments - Safety Data Sheets  running smoother, longer. CONTACT: 01455 630 790 National Refrigerants Ltd is one of the world's largest independent suppliers of refrigerants Polyol Ester (POE) Viscosity: 64 cSt (300 SUS) Documents . SECTION 7 Handling and storage. OQ Chemicals uses modern technologies and operates according to economic and ecological processes. 0 460 Product Chemical Class RSN Drum Weight, lb Clearbreak DI-946 Amine Oxyalkylate 99 26. As CFC and HCFC refrigerants are phased out, you’ll need to replace or retrofit your existing lubricant with an alternative such as SOLEST polyol ester lubricant. The end result is the formation of sludge and varnish from insoluble degradation byproducts. CITGOLubes. Many of the oils in this range are biodegradable and compliant with the European Ecolabel. A dicarboxylic acid or phthalic anhydride terephthalic acid or its ester, adipic acid, terephthalic acid and other halogenated. 2. Skapt dato. Polyolester is also compatible with mineral oil and alkylbenzene   Material Safety Data Sheet. Best CITGO Glycol FR-5046HP is a high pressure polymer thickened water-glycol fluid which provides superior fire-resistance at pressures in excess of 5,000 psi. 1907/2006 (REACH)  Safety Data Sheet. 75-09-2 PA8050000 Nov 01, 2010 · Material Safety Data Sheet Mineral oil MSDS Section 1: Chemical Product and Company Identification Product Name: Mineral oil Catalog Codes: SLM1027, SLM2404 CAS#: 8042-47-5 (previous 8012-95-1) RTECS: PY8047000 (previous PY8030000) TSCA: TSCA 8(b) inventory: Mineral oil CI#: Not available. Polyolester is also compatible with mineral oil and alkylbenzene providing a variety of options when retrofitting older systems to HFCs. Bitzer BSE 32 / 170. POLYOL ESTER OIL KIT-QT. Acts as an internal lubricant, release agent and slip/anti-blocking agent. Files are in PDF format. PVM/MA Copolymer is a copolymer of methyl vinyl ether and maleic anhydride or maleic acid. Hazard Statement: This material has no known hazards under applicable laws. SUPERCOOL ESTER LUBRICANT Part # E7, E8, E31, E32, E127, E128 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Emergency Phone Number: (904) 378-3232 Date: May 1, 2008 SECTION 1 COMPANY IDENTIFICATION AND CHEMICAL PRODUCT Company Name: Tire Seal, Inc. Cetirizine Methyl Ester | C22H27ClN2O3 | CID 608480 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological A polyol is an organic compound containing multiple hydroxyl groups. They are very resistant to chemical attack by chlorine and bleach environments. Acts as an efficient external lubricant. Key benefits include: Increased hydrophobicity with improved hydrolytic stability in ester foams Synthetic Ester Refrigeration Oil Totaline oils are formulated from selected polyol-ester base stocks and additives specifically for lubricating the compressors and system components of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Results 51 - 100 of 121 MSDS Hardener L (PDF). Alcohols can be thought of as analogs of water, H 2 O, in which one hydrogen atom has been replaced by an alkyl group. Essentially they comprise a base of polyester resin strengthened with epoxy molecules in the backbone of the molecular chain. Mar 20, 2020 · It is a polyol caprylic/capric fatty acid ester. This product is used in high-performance applications in which high-strength and maximum heat tolerance is necessary. com C 10032 Customer Service Line 1-800-331-4068 [email protected] Description Range RENISO TRITON SE/SEZ Fully synthetic refrigeration oils based on synthetic polyol esters - especially suitable for non-ozone depleting FC/HFC refrigerants, such as R134a, R404A, R507, R410A, R407C. Eye Dam. Box 1318 Lewisville, TX 75067 Polyester Polyol REV. Offers positive effects on processing. Product Name: CHAIN GUARD™ 220. The Pluracol graft series are polyether products containing dispersed particles of co-polymerized styrene and acrylonitrile, or SAN particles. 5 1. , Tonawanda, NY 14150 Emergency Phone Number 1-800-424-9300 (Chemtrec) Supplier's Address P. Each user should read this MSDS and consider the Polyol Ester Oil-Gallon. 16 Dec 2015 DETAILS OF THE SUPPLIER OF THE SAFETY DATA SHEET. Excellent viscosity properties can provide formulators with replacements for petrochemicals. • Synthetic polyol ester based (POE). The product contains no known carcinogens. If easy to do, remove contact lenses. Polyol Ester mixture. 0-0. Not regulated. exxonmobil. Polyol Ester N/Av N/Av N/Av N/Av Antioxidant N/Av N/Av N/Av N/Av Ventilation and engineering measures Provide exhaust ventilation or other engineering controls to keep the airborne concentration of vapours below their respective threshold limit value. Ltd. 0 132 0. This reaction accelerates with increasing temperatures and is catalyzed by the Emkarate® RL 32-3MAF is an ISO VG 32 synthetic polyol ester (POE) lubricant formulated specifically for use in refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors using HFC refrigerants. has been fulfilling customer’s requirements since its very inception. Min. Today, we manufacture a range of C16 and C18 Fatty Acids that have diverse applications in textiles, rubber, polymers, foods and feeds, and personal care products. Brand: Copeland Premium Aliphatic Hydroxy Functional Polyester Polyol: Z6-Z8: 2 Max: 10 Max: 80: n-Butyl Acetate: Yields Coating with Excellent Physical and Chemical Properties Similar to HPP D-9313-17-65. IV - FIRST-AID  SAFETY DATA SHEET. Compared to a 6 cSt and a 10 cSt PAO base stock, 5 cSt polyol and adipate esters demonstrate increased solvency. Glycerol ester: Film and sheet processes: ADVALUBE ® AF-4192L Liquid-Anti-fog in films: Glycerol ester: Film and sheet processes: ADVALUBE ® B-3310: Bead: 58 - 61: Internal lube: Polyol ester: Extrusion and injection molding: ADVALUBE ® B-3500: Powder: 77 - 83: External lube: Wax ester: Extrusion, calendering: ADVALUBE ® E-2100 Powder: 52 Polyol is usually refluxed with acetic anhydride in presence of pyridine. COMPRESSOR OILS. PE-32H. About 0% of these are Electronics Chemicals, 0% are Petroleum Additives, and 0% are Water Treatment Chemicals. Has low volatility and high compatibility. Vinyl esters also use peroxides (e. CPI’s brand of polyol ester (POE) lubricants – Solest® – is specifically formulated for use in refrigeration and air conditioning compressor systems using HFC refrigerants. Version No: 4. a. UVGPG156014041 MSDS (FREON). To measure the solvency advantages of using Esterex esters in lubricant formulations, we used ASTM D611 (Standard Test Methods for Aniline Point and Mixed Aniline Point of Petroleum Products and Hydrocarbon Solvents). Product Name: SOLEST® 35 Product Description: Polyol Ester. Request Product Information. The lining is formulated from novolac vinyl ester resin, inerts fillers and fibreglass reinforcement. 542. 1-2004) is a consensus standard. To Ester solvency . Page 1. : 108- 05 -4 EINECS : 203- 545 -4 3. Intended use: Synthetic   MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET. • A BHT-free product that is used in the commercial manufacture of a wide range of flexible polyurethane slabstock foams. 14 Jun 2010 Polyol Ester Proprietary Proprietary SECTION III - HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION. Product Description: Polyol Ester Product Code: 11867339 Ester Intended use: Synthetic refrigeration compressor oil Company Name: CPI Corporation Pty Ltd Address: 148 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale NSW 2100, Australia Emergency Tel: (02) 9939 9988 SECTION 2 HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION Material Safety Data Sheet Date Revised: Feb, 2008 Page 1 of 6 1. safety data sheet low vol 4 ester weed killer sds number: 000124-16-lpi sds revisions: format date of issue: 01/25/16 supersedes: 03/16/11 page 3 of 6 5. Polyolester, Polyol ester oil, Emkarate, 100 SUS, Dorin "K" series, 1 gal. n. This product is a 5 centistoke lubricant using state of the art additive technology and hindered Polyol ester base oils resulting in a technologically superior gas turbine lubricant that combines excellent thermal - oxidative and hydrolytic stability, antiwear protection, and rust and corrosion inhibition. PRODUCT: NATIONAL POLYOLESTER LUBRICANT PE32. 170. Retrofit information is available. 1, H318; Aquatic Chronic 2, H411;  2014年3月9日 7~10. 108698-02-8 NA Docosapentaenoic Acid methyl ester 0. Polyester Polyol Resins provide enhanced UV resistance and resistance to oils compared to polyether polyols. CustomerXPRESS Login. 1 CAS # Hazardous Components (Chemical Name) NTP Section 11. T. This SDS  June 14th, 2019 - 32 3 451 12 25 Contact SUNISO SL RANGE SL22 SL32 SL46 SL68 SL100 SL170 SL220 Premium POE Product use Suniso SL synthetic refrigeration oils are formulated with select polyol ester based stocks and additives  2019年11月25日 ポリオールエステル(POE),脂肪酸エステル(以下,エステル)は,潤滑性, 耐熱性,低温流動性,難燃性,生分解性に優れていることから,わが国において も環境問題対応潤滑油基油として過去20年間に飛躍的に増加し,  Product. 2566-90-7 NA Docosahexaenoic Acid methyl ester 0. Chemical Product Manufacturer's Name NOCO Energy Corp. Via Santena 1. %. Brand: Copeland. 17 : fatty acid soap . Supplied by: Ordan Thermal Products Ltd. 700 Vinyl Ester Resin Vinyl Ester resin is superior in every property as compared to all polyester resins. Label elements Using the Toxicity Data listed in section 11 and 12 the product is labeled as follows. It is suggested for use in polyolefins, PVC and polystyrene. A few such polyol ester base stocks show a much lower sensitivity to steel at CAS 4316H, EMKARATE RL 68H polyol ester additives msds toxicity property All polymer polyols contain dispersed styrene/ acrylonitrile (SAN) co-polymers. 電子材料原料、工業樹脂原料, セロキサイド 2081[CEL2081] 可撓性付与型二 官能脂環式エポキシ 【ポリグリセリン誘導体】ポリグリセリン脂肪酸エステル   SAFETY DATA SHEET Polyol Ester Oil: The specific identity and composition has been withheld as a trade secret, NJTSRN 80100312-5003 Airborne Oil Mist Exposure Limits: Mineral Oil, Petroleum Hydrocarbon, and Polyol Ester Oil. Polyol Not available. · Manufacturer/Supplier: Polyol Ester Oil. View Data-Sheet: CRC 02105: CHEMICALS: Smoke Detector Test Spray. SAFETY DATA SHEET Polyol Ester Oil: The specific identity and composition has been withheld as a trade secret, NJTSRN 80100312-5003. Low toxicity means that it poses a low health and safety risk for users. REOLUBE® Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids A comprehensive range of fire resistant Phosphate Ester based Lubricants. But because rubber compounds and commercially-available PAGs and POEs vary widely, compatibility testing with specific compressor oils and seal materials should be performed to ensure acceptable seal performance. 00 Add to Cart. Ceilcote 652 Lining is a trowel applied heavy duty lining that protects steel and concrete in immersion service from strong chemicals. A MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Icematic SW 68 I - PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION Company Name: Nu-Calgon Wholesaler, Inc. 0 440 Clearbreak DI-937 Polyol/Acrylic Copolymer 62 7. COMPANY: PETRONAS LUBRICANTS ITALY S. EMU-207 A blend of polyol esters and resins. All polymer polyols contain an antioxidant package that is free of 2,6-di-tert. For personal care applications, our specialty esters provide unique emulsifying properties such as pearlescence in shampoos and hair detanglers or as an emollient and solvent for cosmetic applications. Cosmolubric HF Series synthetic polyol ester fluids are FM-approved as fire-resistant. CAS number. Croda’s group of polyethylene glycols and polyol esters are now to be known under the below tradenames. 1 Description of first aid measures Inhalation: Remove exposed person to fresh air if adverse effects are observed. Synonym(s):. 14 Feb 2017 Supersedes: 25/07/14. Ingredients determined to be non-hazardous. 08 April 2013. org) identifies polyurethane foam as “the reaction of two key chemicals, a polyol and an isocyanate with water. Produces Superior Long Term Weatherability Compared to Acrylic Polyols Used as Automotive Topcoats. Compressor olie POE120 Olie Polyol Ester 1L For Thermo King Type Unit: ADR-300 ASR-140 ASR-160 AT10-HTP© AT10-M14 AT10-M15 AT10-M16 AT10-M17 AT13-M5 AT13-M6 AT15-M7 ATHENIA AP-L ATHENIA H TP© ATHENIA MK-II S960 SPLIT ATHENIA S700 Split ATHENIA S800 Split ATHENIA S805 Split ATHENIA S950 Split ATHENIA-S1000 N1000 ATHENIA-S1000 N1004 ATHENIA-S1000 W1000 ATHENIA-S1000 W1004 ATHENIA-S960 N1000 EVEREST® 32 lubricant is a formulated ISO 32 grade synthetic polyol ester refrigeration lubricant compatible HFC refrigerants, including R-134a, R-404A, R-407C and R-410A. Chemically and thermally stable Cosmolubric HF- 122 and HF-130 fluids are designed for long life and dependable service in the harsh steel mill environment. 699 lubricant formulations at 500'F. Product Common Name/Chemical Name CAS Number ELINCS % W. If the TLV is exceeded, a Material Safety Data Sheets for : Polyol Ester Oil System – pgs. Brand:Priolube 1973. 12. >99%. Please see Section 13 of this MSDS  MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET. 1 ; 1 June 2011 4 Section 13 – Disposal Considerations The relevant EU directives and local, regional and national regulations must be complied with. Without metals, these esters are stable at this temperature. 636) promote thermal decomposition of most neopentyl polyol ester base stocks and so m e Specification MIL-L-2. Proprietary. Polyol Ester Refrigeration Lubricants Are For Use With HFC, HCFC And HCFC Based Blended Refrigerants. 3600 15 - 25% Aromatic Amino Polyol CAS# is a trade secret 15 - 25% Polymer CAS# is a trade secret 7 - 13% Hydrofluorocarbon 460-73-1 5 - 10% Chlorinated Phosphate Ester CAS# is a trade secret 3 - 7% Brominated Flame Retardant CAS# is a trade secret 1 - 5% Glycol CAS# is a trade secret 1 - 5% Dimethylethanolamine 108-01-0 MSDS Revision Date (mm/dd/yyyy): 01/08/2013 Page 4 of 10 Use in a well-ventilated area. Safety Data Sheet Skilcraft Power Duster, 10 oz SDS Revision Date: 10/30/2014 Page 2 of 11 2. III - PHYSICAL DATA Vapor Pressure: (mm Hg at 20°C): <10 Evaporation Synthetic Polyol Ester Hydrocarbon Not Regulated Not Regulated Auto 1000 Refrigeration Compressor Lubricant REGULATORY INFORMATION Non Hazardous under 29 CFR 1910. >> Superior hydrolytic stability: Ketjenlube Polymer Esters enhance/extend the lifetime of emulsions and are recognized as some of the most hydrolytically stable esters available for metal working fluids (soluble oils). No PERSONAL PROTECTION MEASURES Desiccant MSDS-- Shop Desiccant Now--Food Grade (PAO) ISO Grade 32 Food Grade (PAO) Polyol Ester (POE) Regular ISO Grade 32 Polyol Ester ISO Grade 46 Polyol Ester MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Copeland 998A-100-001 & 05 SECTION 1: General Information Manufacturer/Supplier Name: Phone : 248-348-4920 BVA OILS Emergency : CHEMTRAC 48845 West Road 1-800-424-9300 Wixom, Mi 48393-6042 Date prepared: 6-22-00 SECTION II: COMPONENT INFORMATION Chemical Name CAS NO. Esterex NP451 can also be used in PCMO applications. This oil has superior lubricating ability over the mineral oils commonly used in older CFC refrigerant systems. Synthetic Polyol Ester, Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid; FMRC Approved & Readily Biodegradable, TDS · SDS Search. It is supplied in liquid form at high temperature. Readily Biodegradable means that it will have a low environmental impact. 255 205 43. Synthetic esters are the most versatile of all lubricant base stocks, and can be optimized for nearly any application. No. These are used because they have performance and/or safety advantages over just mineral oil based fluids. Learn more about Chapter 10: Acrylic Polyols on GlobalSpec. Polyol Ester oils for use with HFCs Our case studies : Bitzer BSE 32 / 170 1 COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION I SUPERMARKETS Thermiafred–Veritas–Climalife: a three-way relationship of trust Synthetic polyol ester fire resistant hydraulic fluid Designed for prolonged operation at temperatures above 200°F Meets the stringent lubrication requirements, low oxidation rate, and high thermal stability properties required to perform in close tolerance servo systems * Available in North America. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION Trade Name: RenPIM 6451 Polyol Black Chemical Family: Polyol 1 2 0 NFPA RATING Health: Flammability: Reactivity: Personal Protection: HMIS RATING 2 1 0 Synonyms: RP 6451 Hardener Black Intended Use or Product Type: Polyurethane hardener 2. 005 CEIL: 0. In the beginning, our business was focused on production of synthetic resins, and we have used synthetic resin technology as the core to gradually develop other products, including electronic chemicals, semiconductor materials, optical-electronic & monitor materials, LED & photovoltaic materials, touch panel materials, etc. Units Amount 1 Polyol Ester Trade Secret % vol 30-90 Polyol Ester NA NA NA Polyether Glycol NA NA NA Arctic Silver Incorporated AS3_MSDS_3 Page 2 of 2 SECTION 10: STABILITY AND REACTIVITY INFORMATION polyphenylene ester 9016-87-9 70-90 TWA: 0. Indexing ISI. IIIIII. According to Technavio’s latest industry research report on this topic, the global polyol market was worth over US$ 20 billion at the end of 2017, while the world’s top 10 polyether polyol manufacturers are dominating the market with some of the highest polyol productions every year. Louis, MO 63146-4151 CHEMTREC: (800) 424-9300 Product Name: Icematic SW 68 Product Number: 4316 Synonyms: Polyol Ester Lubricant II - HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS OF MIXTURES Blended with polyol ester base stocks that feature natural multi-grade properties, avoiding unnecessary additives that hinder lubricity All products are completely compatible with other conventional and synthetic motor oils Sep 17, 2018 · In the modern economic age, polyols have emerged as a lucrative and indispensable class of industrial chemicals. Values are not product specifications. 5-7 Mineral Oil System – pgs. Main (2) Specification Sheet - English . OTHER NAME: Refrigerant Oil. TP-3870 Polyol Ester Oil See Below See Below 40-60 . Polyol Ester Oil-Gallon. Our range of high quality CARADOL* polyether polyols are derived from propylene oxide. Polyol Ester (POE) Refrigeration Compressor Fluid; POE OIL;. 3 4. com/psims/psims. 1404 mg/l, 4 Hours estimated Components Species Test Results N,NDIETHYLANILINE (CAS 91667) LD50 Rat Oral Acute 782 mg/kg LD50 Rat Other 420 mg/kg STYRENE (CAS 100425) LC50 Mouse Inhalation Product specifications and material safety data sheets (MSDS) The product range of OQ Chemicals comprises more than 70 Oxo chemicals, which are subsequently processed by the industry. DURALIFE® POLYOL ESTER SYNTHETIC REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING. Polyol ester base stock used in applications where lower viscosity is  Chemistry, Ester - Unsaturated polyol ester Ester base oil; Lubricity additive Please consult the MSDS (section 15) or contact us for information regarding  Sasol Hydraulic Fluid FR 68 is a high performance biodegradable fire resistant hydraulic fluid formulated from polyol ester based synthetic fluids and specifically   31 Jan 2019 Safety data sheet available for professional user on request. 5557 ppm, 2 Hours estimated Rat 6479. the derivatized residues were quantitated by electron capture gas chromatography and satisfactory recoveries were obtained at a detection limit of 0. Box 86, Tonawanda, NY 14151 Supplier Emergency Phone Number 1-800-500-6626 Alkoxylated alcohols, Polyether polyols, Polymeric polyols Rokopol ® MS5240 Rokopol® MS5240 is a polyether polyol in form of white, non-transparent liquid where copolymer content is 40%. INDIA For information in the INDIA, call: Tel: +91 - 22 - 2275 5555 / 6184 0000, Chemsrc provides Polyol ester type's classification, including all chemical products obtained by chemical processes (chemical methods to change the composition or structure of substances, or to synthesize new substances, all of which belong to chemical production techniques). Polyols for Flexible Foam. パルミチン酸イソプロピル... 11. Click a link and document will open in new tab or window Product Name: BVA 3, 4, 5 and BVA 3D, 4D, 5D Revision Date: 30 April 2015 Page 1 of 8 GHS and other international SAFETY DATA SHEET SECTION 2: HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION Mobil EAL Arctic Series oils are formulated from proprietary synthesized Polyol Esters (POEs) and a unique additive system to provide outstanding lubricity, wear protection, chemical and thermal stability, and hydrolytic stability. Due to Polyol Ester Oils natural ability to absorb moisture, acid may be formed in some operating systems possibly causing compressor burnout and/or other component failure. com Polyolester oil (POE oil) is a type of synthetic oil used in refrigeration compressors that is compatible with the refrigerants R-134a, R-410A and R-12. ラウリン酸 メチル95... 11. 80-100%. The defect of bad compatibility with additives and making rubber shrink of polyalphaolefins may be hurdled when polyalphaolefins are mixed with Neopentyl polyol esters and the mixed composition may be the basic fluid for engine oil and gear oil. CITGO® Glycol FR-5046HP PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEET OVERVIEW Online at www. 5 2 −46 258 −69 5. 6.エステル及び機能性油. ポリオールエステル(潤滑用) 13、14. Glycine methyl ester hydrochloride. To be “hygroscopic” describes a lubricant’s tendency to absorb moisture from air. 1 – 2. Move container from fire area if this is possible without hazard. ” It is the preferred polyol for the manufacture of elastic urethane fibers such as Spandex (Elastan) for stretchable fabrics. Order: 2 Kilogram FOB Price: USD $ 0. We are engaged in Designing, Manufacturing & Sales of various Synthetic Resins which cater to a wide spectrum of industries like Adhesives, Rubber (Tire/Tyre and Rubber goods), Printing Inks, Ball Point Pen Inks, Lacquers, Varnishes, Paints, Coatings etc 31 Jan 2018 SDS_GB - HUILE ESTER 175PZ (BULK) 5402042P01B. HPP D-9619-19-75: Automobile Leather, Ceramic, OEM, DTM Polyol Ester Fluids In recent years, many fluid manufacturers have developed new synthetic fluids known as Polyol Esters. 09. 39 : asphasol® 65、66 : concentrated glycerin . 02 < 0. Synthetic Esters Browse the world’s largest portfolio of advanced, lubricant-grade synthetic ester base stocks, all designed to deliver best-in-class performance. SECTION 1: Identification of the substance/mixture and of the company/undertaking 1. CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Polyol ester --- >99 No PEL established No TLV Polyol Ester was developed for use as a nonionic thermoplastic resin antistatic agent. HFCs BITZER BSE170 lubricant oil. OF COMPONENTS APPROXIMATE CONCENTRATION Polyol Ester Oil (POE) All mechanical refrigeration systems now being manufactured for freeze dryer use are based on HFC refrigerants such as R507. With excellent lubricating property, high viscosity index, fire resistant and high biodegradability, TMPTO is ideal synthetic ester basic fluid for ISO 46 fire resistant hydraulic oil and ingredients for the formulation of steel milling, grinding, cutting oils, hot or cold Jul 18, 2019 · Vinyl ester resins are produced by the reaction ('esterification') between an epoxy resin and an unsaturated monocarboxylic acid. CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. An alcohol molecule has the general formula ROH where R is an alkyl group, O is an oxygen atom and H is a hydrogen atom. LyondellBasell is the sole US producer of Tertiary-Butyl acetate (TBAC), a versatile VOC-exempt - See MSDS for further information ES CAT-K-15 POLY ESTER POLYOL SP-320GA Applications . RL68H High Quality EMKARATE Refrigeration Lubricant Oil. · Dangerous components: CAS: 25068-38-6 Ester phosphonat. Heneicosapentaenoic Acid methyl ester 0. The term "polyol" can have slightly different meanings depending on whether it is being used in the field of food science or that of polymer chemistry. : L112 Chemical Name OSHA PELACGIH TLVOther Limits Hydrocarbon Fluid 5 mg/m35 mg/m3Not Available Tripropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether N/E N/E Not Available TMP Tri-Oleate Polyol Ester N/E N/E Not Available Corrosion Inhibitor N/E N/E Not Available PTFE/boron nitride colloid N/E N/E Not Available Carbon dioxide N/AV 5000 ppmNot Available Use with adequate ventilation. Soy methyl esters are bio-based, biodegradable, non-toxic, low VOC, high-performing solvents derived from American-grown soybeans. of page 1) DR HMIS-ratings (scale 0 - 4) HEALTH FIRE REACTIVITY 2 1 0 Health = 2 Fire = 1 Reactivity = 0 4 First aid measures General information:Immediately remove any clothing soiled by the product. More details later but first, esters themselves have been described as compounds formed by replacing the hydrogen of an acid by a hydrocarbon radical of the ethyl type. Product Code: 11867338 Ester. • Phosphate esters also hydrolyze in the presence of water. White Oil. eBay. Alibaba. fire fighting measures 5. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. 5 : Chemsrc provides Polyol ester type's classification, including all chemical products obtained by chemical processes (chemical methods to change the composition or structure of substances, or to synthesize new substances, all of which belong to chemical production techniques). ~100. 3201-1996 Revision Date: 01/05/2012 Date Printed 01/05/2012 Page 1 of 4 1. 2-4 PAG Oil System – pgs. 5 127 0. 0 – 99. synthetic polyol ester hydraulic fluid. Dec 11, 2016 · Polyol Ester Oil See Below See Below 40-60 Mineral Oil See Below See Below 10-20 Fluorescent Dye A See Below See Below 10-20 Petroleum Hydrocarbon See Below See Below 5-20 Fluorescent Dye B See Below See Below 0-10 Polyol Ester Oil: The specific identity and composition has been withheld as a trade secret, NJTSRN 80100312-5003 Polyol Ester Oil: The specific identity and composition has been withheld as a trade secret, New Jersey Trade Secret Registry Number NJ TSRN 80100312-5004 TRACER PRODUCTS TP-3400 Effective: 07/07/14 CAS 02067 CAPELLA HFC 32 NA synthetic polyol ester msds toxicity property MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Polyester Fiber and Resin MSDS Number: PF0002 Page 2 of 6 Current Issue Date: June, 2006 4. Q8 Stravinsky POE 68 is a synthetic refrigeration compressor oil developed with POE (Polyol Ester) base fluid. POLYOL ESTER OIL-5 GAL. of, by-products from, Polymers with Product name: STYROFOAM™ SPF CA 2030 Polyol 55gal Issue Date: 04/15 phosphate esters, diesters and polyol esters. Premium Compressor Oil . This material is not considered to be hazardous according to regulatory  BITZER polyolester oils significantly exceed the requirements of DIN 51503, Part 1 please observe the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for the respective oil. polyol ester msds

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